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Crosset CompanyCrosset Company operates from a 3 million cubic foot facility enabling us to effectively service 200 truckloads of products per week. Our flexibility and emphasis on customized retail solutions currently provides 500 independent supermarkets with their produce needs via direct-to-store delivery on over 2,000 fruit, vegetable and floral retail items. We are also one of the largest organic distributors in the U.S. providing PLU and/or UPC stickers on every individual organic unit.
Crosset Company services customers in an 13 state distribution area.
Crosset Company services map

Along with our extensive merchandising support, Crosset Company provides retailers with customized educational development programs designed to fit the specific needs of each customer as well as an annual educational seminar to provide the retailer with current and future trends in the produce industry. In addition, retailers can receive timely product updates and merchandising & marketing information via a weekly newsletter.

Crosset Company also offers wide-ranging sales support with:

  • Customized order guides
  • Computerized invoices that include retail extensions and gross profit margins
  • Weekly summary analysis
  • EDI capabilities, including order entry and invoicing

Crosset Company also employs a full-time floral director and offers comprehensive floral marketing tools to give retailers 100% customer support in their floral departments. Our floral product line includes both dry pack and wet pack fresh cut flowers as well as a complete inventory of floral supplies. In addition, we provide PMA/FMA certified training to new hires.



Castellini Group of Companies
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